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When you select an auditor you need someone who can be impartial.  When you select an auditor you want someone who will actively search for malfeasance.  When you select an auditor you can want to make sure the auditor has no previous relationship with the subject of the audit.

The referee shouldn't be wearing a jersey of one of the teams!

Why would we elect a Democrat to audit government spending that is controlled by Democrats in Massachusetts?  Why would we elect a Republican to audit a Republican governor's office?

The office of auditor is too important to allow it to be appointed by a governor or by a legislature.  Instead the duty of selecting a person who will be free from political influence falls to the group William Brandeis called "the most important office holders."  

We -- the private citizens of the Commonwealth.

We must elect an auditor who comes to office without any debt to a political party or to other politicians and who will execute the duties of the office.


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    Fishman Challenges Bump, Brady to Inclusive Auditor Candidates Debate

    * FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 15, 2018 at 4:15pm * "Fishman Challenges Bump, Brady to Inclusive Auditor Candidates Debate"Last Tuesday, October 9, 2018, the Daniel Fishman for Auditor campaign released a declaration of solidarity with Green-Rainbow candidate Jamie Guerin, who had been excluded by WGBH in its Treasurer debate.  The following evening Fishman joined Guerin and a mixed group of Libertarian and Green-Rainbow volunteers in protest outside of the WGBH studio.  The event goers demanded open and fair debates which include all balloted candidates.  As WGBH is partially funded by taxpayers, the omission of Guerin was particularly egregious. During the protest, Fishman and Jed Stamas, his Green-Rainbow opponent, agreed that a debate between the four balloted State Auditor candidates would be essential for voters to learn more about their choices.  The Fishman campaign has not yet received an invitation from WGBH or from any other media outlet about creating the opportunity for such a debate. Therefore, Daniel Fishman has resolved to take charge and demand an Auditor candidates forum take place for the benefit of Massachusetts voters.  Incumbent Auditor Suzanne Bump and Republican candidate Helen Brady are hereby challenged to a four-person debate with Daniel Fishman and Jed Stamas, provided Stamas remains committed to this endeavor. *** Edit 10/15/18, 7:20pm - Jed Stamas, Green-Rainbow candidate for Auditor, confirms he will join Daniel Fishman in this debate. Candidates Suzanne Bump and Helen Brady have not yet responded. ***
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    How We Fix It

    Problem: The Auditor is not doing her job!How Dan Fishman will fix itFrom Massachusetts General Laws, Part I, Title II, Chapter 11, Section 12 "...the department may require the production of books, documents, vouchers and other records relating to any matter within the scope of an audit conducted under this section…...an entity shall be subject to audit as often as the state auditor determines it necessary. "Every time there is a debit or a credit to an agency bank account an electronic record is created.  These records can be decorated when created with as much information at the auditor thinks necessary, such as what was the purpose of the expenditure, what category it fell into, who authorized it.  Some of this information is currently stored in the C-Thru system.Recorded properly, this metadata creates the framework for a comprehensive audit.  Based on the MGL above, the Auditor can insist that this data be provided real time and implement technological solutions to collect all information immediately. This prevents ex post facto adjustments of numbers that might cover missing records or fraud.A comprehensive audit also requires inventory of physical assets as well that are more difficult to account for electronically -- but not impossible.  Every physical asset can be given an electronic record and then it's status can be reported electronically and every asset's status will be available to make sure that we are indeed auditing the agency once every 3 years.Every record should be published online.  As an example, citizen ought to be able to find out easily how much money the state spent on ammunition across all agencies, as well as how many guns the state owns and where they are.  How many vehicles does the state own? How much do we spend on fuel every week?And the system should police itself.  It wasn't until Boston media researched the information that it was discovered that 19 "quasi state agencies" were not submitting payroll data, as they were required to by law.  Automation solves these problems by sending alerts whenever any required data is missing.Humans are biased and owe debts to political parties.  Impartial machines running the beginning of audits will make the various state agencies much more responsive and responsible.  It's time to get the politics out of the State Auditor's office
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  • Dan Cavanaugh
    commented 2018-08-17 20:29:51 -0400
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    Dan you have my full support for state auditor John Caruso from Somerville mass