Fishman Challenges Bump, Brady to Inclusive Auditor Candidates Debate

* FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 15, 2018 at 4:15pm *

"Fishman Challenges Bump, Brady to Inclusive Auditor Candidates Debate"

Last Tuesday, October 9, 2018, the Daniel Fishman for Auditor campaign released a declaration of solidarity with Green-Rainbow candidate Jamie Guerin, who had been excluded by WGBH in its Treasurer debate.  The following evening Fishman joined Guerin and a mixed group of Libertarian and Green-Rainbow volunteers in protest outside of the WGBH studio.  The event goers demanded open and fair debates which include all balloted candidates.  As WGBH is partially funded by taxpayers, the omission of Guerin was particularly egregious.

During the protest, Fishman and Jed Stamas, his Green-Rainbow opponent, agreed that a debate between the four balloted State Auditor candidates would be essential for voters to learn more about their choices.  The Fishman campaign has not yet received an invitation from WGBH or from any other media outlet about creating the opportunity for such a debate.

Therefore, Daniel Fishman has resolved to take charge and demand an Auditor candidates forum take place for the benefit of Massachusetts voters. 

Incumbent Auditor Suzanne Bump and Republican candidate Helen Brady are hereby challenged to a four-person debate with Daniel Fishman and Jed Stamas, provided Stamas remains committed to this endeavor.

*** Edit 10/15/18, 7:20pm - Jed Stamas, Green-Rainbow candidate for Auditor, confirms he will join Daniel Fishman in this debate. Candidates Suzanne Bump and Helen Brady have not yet responded. ***

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