Fishman Responds to BlueMass Group

In response to an endorsement on BlueMassGroup of Green Party candidate for Auditor Jeb Stamas, the Fishman campaign issued this memo:

The post on Blue Mass Group is filled with deliberate misinformation and misleading characterizations.  The post demonstrates a failure to understand the power and purpose of the Auditor’s office.

The author characterizes Libertarians as “corporate friendly and regulation adverse.”   The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts believe that all power derives from the people and stand counter to the Green Party and its suppression of minority beliefs for the “greater social welfare.”

Libertarian believe in maximum freedom and minimum government.  As such a Libertarian is the perfect watchdog for government spending.  Who will watch spending more closely -- A Libertarian who believes that every penny must be accounted for to the tax payers?  Or a Green who believes that the government should provide free college to everyone, forgive all student debt and force everyone to have single payer healthcare regardless of fiscal realities?

Dan Fishman, as a computer scientist who has specialized in analyzing data in Special Education to make services more effective, can bring that same technological upgrade to the Auditor’s office.  Fishman has pledged to put all the government's financial data online all the time, believing that sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Fishman also will expose all the fees and licenses required in the Commonwealth. Dan Fishman has called for the end of the State's licensing of Fortune Tellers, though the Green Party would call that "regulation adverse."

Most importantly, Dan Fishman has taken the campaign seriously enough to go out and raise money to run an effective race. As of 9/15 the Fishman campaign had out spent every campaign in attempting to unseat the auditor. Fishman has been traversing the state asking the people of the Commonwealth “Why would you elect a Republican or Democrat to audit Republicans or Democrats?”

Dan Fishman has shown himself willing to do the work of campaigning, as opposed to the other “vanity” challengers who’s campaigns don’t blip on the media’s radar.  Stamas and Brady are content to sit on the ballot, see their name in lights on election day, and fade into obscurity. Fishman is running to give the people the independent Auditor they deserve to watch over their tax dollars.

Fishman Demands Bump Come Clean

Commonwealth Auditor Suzanne Bump started a he said/she said furor between the old parties in Massachusetts when she claimed that the RMV had issued drivers licenses for 1900 people who were on the Social Security Master Death list.  The Baker administration (and Dan Fishman, Libertarian candidate for Auditor) claimed that the audit was politically motivated.  The Baker administration went so far as to claim that no erroneous licenses were issued.

"The Baker Administration rightfully claims that there is a privacy issue around drivers licenses, but if there are indeed dead people whose credentials were used to issue licenses or who received licenses, they have no right to privacy.  Rights only belong to the living" said candidate Fishman.  "I call upon the Auditor to release the names of the 1900 dead people she claims were issued licenses.  Is the using shadowy allegations and stirring anti-immigrant furor for political gain?  Such behavior is repugnant from an elected official, and the Massachusetts electorate will not stand for it.

"I call on the Auditor to prove her claims and release the names or to admit that she is in fact playing to the basest nature of our political cycle.  Rather than hide behind an erroneous defense of "privacy" she must either acknowledge that the dead have no right to privacy and release the names or admit that she fabricated the evidence."

Some employees at the RMV were sentenced earlier this year for illegally issuing licenses to undocumented people in Massachusetts.

The Fishman Campaign can be reached at 978.595.1396 or at

Bump plays politics with RMV

With the announcement that State Auditor Suzanne Bump has accused the RMV of having issued driver's licenses to 1900 people in the Commonwealth who were deceased, we see an example of government inefficiency at work, enabled by the auditor.

Bump is complaining that the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is not checking the licenses they are issuing against the Social Security Master Death List. In other words, the RMV is allegedly issuing driver's licenses to people who are using the names of people who have died to obtain fraudulent driver's licenses.  The RMV has denied this, claiming the Auditor had the wrong data.

The timing of the report is particularly suspect.  Bump issued the report the same day she chaired an event for the Democrat running for Governor against Charlie Baker.  Governor Baker has praised the new efficiency at the RMV, and a criticism of the RMV is a clear political attack against Baker.

Considering the audit covered data from July 1, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2016, why is the audit being released 8 weeks before the Massachusetts election for Governor and Auditor?  Why has the Auditor issued 8 press releases in the last 30 days when over the previous 30 days she did not issue any press releases?

Bump has a history of abusing the power of her office to benefit her campaign.  In 2015 she settled a wrongful termination suit around abusing her official power to campaign, and in 2018 the Boston Globe proved that employees from the Auditor's office were engaged in campaign work for the Bump while being paid by the taxpayers.

This report is one more example of how the Bump is abusing her power and using her office to campaign, doing everything she can to generate media interest in her office.

Sadly, Bump doesn't realize that this report actually represents an example of how backwards the office is technologically.  The Auditor ought to have a microservice in place, publicly available to check if a person in the Commonwealth is listed as dead. Such a service would be useful for more that the RMV.  MassHealth could benefit from such a service, as could any department that provides money or services.

It is a disgrace technologically that Bump took so long to find this problem and file this audit. Checking an application for a driver's license against the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File ought to be a sub-second task. It should in fact be happening in real time AND there ought to be a log of every application for a driver's license and the results of every test that was applied to ensure the integrity of the system.

Bump, however, has no understanding of the power of data.  An audit requiring the Auditor to look up individual records against the Master Death list is incredibly inefficient. Instead, the Auditor should be requiring every application for a driver's license to include information about when the application was checked against the Master Death List and what the results were.

This sort of business rules logic is common in industry, but sadly, being 20 years behind the times technologically is something the current Auditor thinks is praiseworthy.

As a Computer Scientist I will use the power of the auditor to make sure that state agencies are recording and reporting the right data.  A report is useless if the data included is not sufficient to audit an agency. The Auditor, via Section 12 of Chapter 11 of the Massachusetts General Laws, has the power to require all the necessary and sufficient information for an audit to be delivered to the office of the auditor for process.

This auditor has no comprehension of what comprises necessary and sufficient information, nor how to automate the review of that information.   And in reality, she has no interest in conducting audits like that as evidenced by the law she got her democratic colleagues to pass.

On January 13, 2017, HB4720 was signed into law, which was brought forward by Auditor Bump. This measure changes certain statutorily required audit schedules to align with the OSA’s standard three year audit cycle, while allowing for discretionary audits of agencies that are at a lower risk of waste, fraud, and abuse.

The idea that the Auditor has discretion about which agencies get audited is a terrible idea and smacks of the worst sort of political protectionism.  Are you a democratic sheriff running for reelection? No audit for you! Are you a Republican sheriff running against a Democrat? Expect a probing audit!

And that's not right.  Why would we elect a Republican or a Democrat to audit Republicans and Democrats?  Republicans and Democrats are playing political football and the Auditor should be the referee, making sure that everyone is playing by the rules.

The referee shouldn't be wearing a jersey of one of the teams.

Galvin Ruins Election

2018.09.05  For Immediate Release.

“Shameful” was the word Libertarian candidate Daniel Fishman used upon learning that many unenrolled voters across the Commonwealth had been told that there was no Libertarian ballot. Other voters when asking specifically for the Libertarian ballot were told that there was no one on the Libertarian ballot to vote for, even though Daniel Fishman was on every ballot. And some unenrolled voters were told that they had to choose from Republican or Democrat if they were unenrolled, because only Libertarians were allowed to vote in the Libertarian primary.

While a specific instance of impropriety by one poll worker can be written off as a local error, a wider range of incidents taints Secretary Galvin, the official in charge of elections in Massachusetts. Galvin has a long history of contempt towards the sanctity of elections -- something that Democratic Boston City Councillor Josh Zakim brought up during his primary race against Galvin. At the DNC in 2016, Galvin said “a third party vote is a wasted voted” to try to encourage supporters of other candidates to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“It was completely inappropriate for the highest ranking election official in the state to tell voters they should not vote for a third party candidate.” Fishman stated at a party in Boston celebrating his campaign’s unopposed victory in the primary. “In light of the Secretary of State also illegally allowing his employees to do political work for him while they were being paid by the taxpayers, it seems Secretary Galvin is due to be relieved.”

“Which is why I place great hope for Anthony Amore to win the Secretary of State’s race in November. People who are interested in elections that are fair should realize that the current Secretary of State is using the process to keep himself and his political allies in office.

“I am happy to endorse Amore for Secretary of State and will be voting for him in November.  I would encourage all supporters of Liberty and fair elections to do so as well.”

The Fishman Campaign is running for State Auditor looking to unseat 8 year incumbent Suzanne Bump as she tries to extend her tenure to 12 years.  The Democrats have held the Auditor’s office since 1931. Sarbanes-Oxley requires publicly traded companies to change their auditors every 5 years.

The Fishman Campaign can be reached at 978.595.1396 or at


A Busy Saturday

What a busy Saturday for the campaign!  As our message spreads and our momentum grows we find ourselves in high demand!

We start the day at 10:00am with a broadcast of Liberty on the Air where we will talk about the weeks news in Liberty.  Listen live on the Facebook Live Stream or on

At 1pm we will be joining Charlie Baker and Karen Polito for the Governor's Picnic  in Shrewsbury.

At 4pm we will be at the GOUSA BBQ in Billerica.

At 6:30pm we will be at the "Infamous" Roof Party in Gloucester!

We hope to see you at one of the events!  N.B. all the event hosts would like an RSVP so please follow the link and RSVP if you're going to show up!

John Adams predicted this problem

In 1780, the Massachusetts Founding Father John Adams wrote: "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution."

Adams of course was referring to the Massachusetts state Constitution, which was the model for the American Constitution, ratified 9 years later.

Let us honor John Adams and this history of Massachusetts this November by electing to the office of Auditor someone who is NOT in the two old parties. Adams was right -- the two old parties are locked in a battle of position and opposition, while we the people get caught in the crossfire.

This fall elect someone who puts people before party!
This fall elect someone who puts principle before politics!
This fall elect someone you LIKE!
This fall elect someone like YOU!

We need your help to win. Can you help us reach our fundraising goals?

Who should the Auditor please?

Who is the Auditor supposed to work for?  The Governor runs the state that governs you.  The Secretary of State administers the State.  The Treasurer guards the state's treasure, that they collected from the taxpayers.

But the Auditor works for people.  Or at least that's what the office was intended for.  Which makes the current auditor's posting of this so offensive....

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What oversight? A Culture of Corruption!

"The P-Card system is an example of one of the myriad ways the current Auditor is enabling the bad eggs in government from spending the people's money on luxuries for the employees of the state." Candidate Fishman complained in response to a story in the Boston Herald by Joe Dwinell.   "All the books, online all the time means ALL expenses.  Not just checks, but credit card purchases too!  Anyone who pays bills in Massachusetts knows that.  Just not employees of the state who seek to conceal their actions."

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Fishman Campaign Announces New Communications Director

Fishman Campaign Announces New Communications Director

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Auditor Defrauds Taxpayers

For Immediate Release

“Disappointing” said Libertarian candidate for Auditor Dan Fishman, upon reading a story in the Boston Globe by Matt Stout that three employees of State Auditor Suzanne Bump helped her in filing signatures for her reelection campaign while on the clock for the people of the Commonwealth.

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