Playing catch up

The Auditor shouldn't be playing catch up!

This fraud should have been apparent from the day it was committed. Instead it's only by digging BACK through the records that it was uncovered. Big data analysis is widely used by firms to reveal expense problems almost real time. Have you ever been notified by your credit card or email provider about suspicious activity? That's because they are analyzing the data. In order to ANALYZE the data, you have to collect it first.

If I'm elected, there will be no more ex post facto discovery. I will use the power of the auditor to require every agency to put ALL their financial transactions online all the time. It's time for technology. It's time for an Independent auditor.

Massachusetts Money Matters.

The State Police Scandal

“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

― Patrick Henry

A License to Tell The Future?

In Haverhill, Massachusetts you need to get a license from the city hall to be a fortune teller. How does the city...

Posted by Daniel Fishman for Auditor on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Foster Care Fisaco


Home of the Brave, Land of the Fee

Laws require law enforcement which injects force into our society. Want to have a less violent society? Let's stop putting people into prison for wanting to work to make money to have better lives.

In Tennessee it was recently revealed that the state has collected $100000 in fines for "hair braiding without a license."

As auditor I will expose ALL the fees collected by every state agency in Massachusetts both for licensing and punitive fees.  Every time a state agency collects money, you the tax payer need to know about it.

Who Audits the Police?

As the story breaks about corruption and malfeasance at the State Police in Massachusetts, one has to ask where the audits were?  Follow this link to see ALL the audits the current Auditor is reporting and look for the audit of the state police that is supposed to be done every 3 years.  

Now reread the story and decide if the State Police have been audited appropriately.  This salacious tale is going to be exploding all over Massachusetts media in the next few days.  The important question for you to ask is "when was the last time a full audit of the State Police was done?"

I'm running to put ALL the state agencies books online all the time. 

Why not disclose everything?

In early January, The State Auditor's office, led by Suzanne Bump, terminated three people involved in data analytics, including two contractors and one full-time employee.  According top a spokesperson, the three were fired because of an "undisclosed potential conflict of interest".

The matter has currently been referred to State Ethics Commission.  Ther auditor has also accrued the expense of hiring a national accounting firm to review the recent work of the fired employees.

Ms. Bump has said the results of the review will be made public when it is completed.  For now however she said "Since the matter has been referred to the State Ethics Commission, no further details will be made available."

So lets give credit where credit is due.  If you discover a potential conflict of interest in a position that must critically be impartial, you must treat it very seriously.  Ms. Bumps actions in firing the employees would seem prudent, though I am stuck on the waffling word "undisclosed potential conflict of interest."

I acknowledge that Ms. Bump did indeed start of in the right direction in the journey to transparency, but that journey towards "right" ended as soon as she denied the public the knowledge of what actually transpired.  What could be the reason for not letting the public know the complete truth immediately?

When elected auditor my commitment to real transparency will begins immediately.  We'll put all the books online all the time, and the very first state agency I will Audit is the office of the Auditor.

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Fishman Rips Politically Motivated DCF Audit -- 978.595.1396  -- Beverly, Massachusetts 

For Immediate Release

Candidate for State Auditor Daniel Fishman waded into the fray between current Auditor Suzanne Bump and Governor Charlie Baker with a blistering statement.

Last Friday, December 7th, the Auditor's office issued a report extremely critical of the Department of Children and Families (DCF).   The report was based on data from January 1, 2014 to December 31 2015.  Governor Baker took office January 8th, 2015, but the report gave no indication if DCF seemed to be improving during Governor Baker's tenure.

The report coincidentally was released one day after the Auditor announced her plan to seek a third term, which would give her 12 years in office.

"The usage of the Auditor's office to score political points represents the worst of the tribalism that our nation's politics has devolved to. The Auditor should report facts consistently and impartially while remaining above any fight. There is unquestionably room for improvement at DCF, but by using DCF as a political football the Auditor is ensuring more battles over turf rather than moving the ball down the field.

"The auditor is supposed to be the impartial referee in Massachusetts politics.  The referee shouldn't be wearing the jersey of one of the teams."

In 2015 Auditor Bump settled a lawsuit for firing First Deputy Auditor Laura Marlin for $115,000.  In the suit Marlin claimed that she was fired for questioning the political motivations behind Bump insisting that a union whose endorsement she was courting be consulted about an audit into the Department of Children and Families.

Fishman campaign appoints staff -- 978.595.1396  -- Beverly, Massachusetts 

For Immediate Release

The Fishman for Auditor campaign is proud to announce the appointment of Jeff Lyons as Interim Campaign Manager and Justin Ashbrook as Youth Director.

24475012_10103979232522939_1644668088_o.jpgJeff Lyons is an 8 year Navy Veteran, an independent Political Consultant, and a Public Relations Specialist.  Originally from Somerville, Massachusetts, Jeff is a member of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts state committee.





18922681_1905575183014778_4711799451125993366_o.jpgJustin Ashbrook is a Music Education student at Berklee College of Music. Originally from Montclair, NJ, he first got involved in the Liberty Movement during the Rand Paul 2016 campaign and went on to hold titles in later campaigns including Assistant Youth Director for the Michael Crispi for Morris County Freeholder campaign and Youth Director for the Pete Rohrman for Governor of New Jersey campaign. Finally, he has started a YAL chapter at Berklee and enjoys writing songs and learning new instruments in his free time.

Expose Civil Asset Forfeiture

Fishman Vows to Expose Civil Asset Forfeiture -- 978.595.1396  -- Beverly, Massachusetts

For Immediate Release

At a campaign event on November 27, Candidate for State Auditor Dan Fishman called for an end to Massachusetts’ Civil Asset Forfeiture laws.  “It’s time for the Commonwealth to stop stealing from its citizens. It’s time end civil asset forfeiture,” Fishman was quoted as saying.

Under the current rules of Civil Asset Forfeiture, the government is able to seize your assets even if they only have probable cause to believe you MAY  have committed a crime. As reported by WBUR, the Institute for Justice, in its report Policing for Profit gave Massachusetts the worst grade of all the states, an F, for placing the burden of proof on the accused, despite every legal tradition since the Magna Carta, and in opposition to our cherished ideal of due process.

When asked what caused him to work to end Civil Asset Forfeiture, Fishman replied, “I read about the new proposed Massachusetts law in H1266   When did we lose our rights?”

H.1266, criminalizes the process of altering a vehicle with the intent of creating a hidden compartments, including hiding a spare key by taping it on the inside of  your bumper.  In each case the bill calls for a two-year mandatory minimum sentence, five years for subsequent offenses. The bill also allows police to seize any modified vehicle.  The law goes on to state that merely having a "hidden" compartment shall be considered prima facie evidence of transporting controlled substances.

When Fishman takes office, will he be able to stop such abuses of power?  Fishman sounded a more pessimistic, but ultimately realistic note.  “As your auditor I will not have the power to stop civil asset forfeiture, but I will have the power to EXPOSE it.  I will make sure that every month the auditor's office publishes an exact accounting of all the money the state takes in through civil asset forfeiture. When the public knows extent of the problem, they will act.”

Fishman got close to accusing the government of rank theft.  “Because we are practically a one party state, the current Democratic auditor in Massachusetts will not touch this issue with a 10 foot pole.  We need independent checks and balances.”  Fishman continued “Imagine if you went to a football game and the referee was wearing one of the team’s colors.”  Fishman spoke of his independence and service to the people of the Commonwealth, telling them, “Elect me to office so I can expose the theft committed in the name of the people of the Commonwealth against the people of the Commonwealth.”

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