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Fishman Blasts Bump over Proposed Data Grab

Daniel Fishman, Libertarian candidate for State Auditor, criticized the privacy violating expansion of the powers under the office of State Auditor Suzanne Bump, allowing her office access to the private tax records of all the citizens of the Commonwealth.

"This is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse.  The auditor's office is already failing in its most basic functionality; Auditing EVERY state agency at least once every 3 years.” Said Fishman. He continued, “There is no reason in today's modern era that the people of the Commonwealth cannot follow how every dollar is spent by state agencies.”

The purpose of the Auditor's office is to ensure every penny of state spending is accounted for, not snoop through the private data of its citizens. As Auditor, Dan Fishman will bring the finances of Massachusetts out of the darkness, putting all of the books online for everyone to access at any time.  

"Massachusetts is blessed with a very well educated population and plethora of superb journalists.  If the auditor is wholly focused on auditing state agencies completely and making all state agency transactions available to the public, that will make the operations of government more transparent.  When I am elected, that will be my goal" said Fishman


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Bill Weld Endorses Libertarian Dan Fishman for Auditor

The Fishman Campaign can be contacted at or at (978) 595-1396

Daniel Fishman's campaign for Auditor of Massachusetts started off with a dramatic announcement at the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts convention on Saturday, where at the tail end of a message to the LPMA, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld endorsed Libertarian Dan Fishman's campaign.

"A Libertarian in the Auditor's office will demonstrate to the people that there is a critical role in government for people who can take office without owing any political favors."  Weld said. 

"Dan Fishman in the Auditor's office emphasizes that Libertarians have a critical role in solving the imbalance in government.  And Dan Fishman in the Auditor's office puts a person of character into an office that so desperately needs it. 

"And that's why I am proud to endorse Dan Fishman for Auditor in 2018."

The Fishman Campaign can be contacted at or at (978) 595-1396

The Announcement

I am running for auditor of the Commonwealth.  I agree with Louis Brandeis that sunlight is the best disinfectant.  As such intend to use my technical expertise to make sure that we put all the books for all the agencies in Massachusetts onliner all the time.

Every citizen of Massachusetts ought to be able to at any moment, look and see how any agency has spent their money so far this year.  The current auditor's office is very far behind schedule in auditing.  Why not crowd-source the fiscal audits by allowing the public to have direct oversight of spending.

The current Open Checkbook system is terrible.  It's filled with broken links and is indecipherable to such a level that it seems deliberate.  We can replace this with simple spreadsheets online that explain where every dollar for every department goes.