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Back in October of 2017, I criticized the Auditor for a data grab that was not required and expanded the power of the office.  The Auditor was rejected in her scheme to be able to see private tax records by the legislature.  Unsurprisingly she is at it again, proposing the same piece of legislation she has proposed every year since 2011.

I find this an astonishing affront to all tax payers.  The Auditor is not doing her basic job of auditing every state agency every 3 years as was documented by the Boston Globe in 2014. I would suggest that instead of trying to use data to spy on the businesses, which is NOT part of her job description, the Auditor should be using big data to keep track of the agencies she IS CHARGED with auditing.  As Louis Brandeis said:  "Sunlight is the best disinfectant."  I will use the power of the office to put all the books online all the time.

Everyone is concerned now about our life data that is being tracked, so that our lives are transparent to government -- and yet the finances of the Commonwealth remain opaque to the citizens.  We have a right to know how our money is spent.  As Governor Weld famously said "There is no such thing as Government money -- only taxpayers' money!"

Let's spy on the government.  As Auditor I will DEMAND access to ALL the financial transactions of every state agency and put them online so YOU can see how the government is spending YOUR money, instead of what the auditor wants, which is the other way around.

Massachusetts' money matters.  It's time for an Auditor who doesn't root for the Republicans or the Democrats.  The referee shouldn't be wearing the Jersey of one of the teams!

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