I've lived in Massachusetts continually since 1994.  My father was born in Lynn and my parents live down in Woods Hole to this day.   I am a computer programmer by trade, but I worked as a Special Education teacher until 1996.  I got my BSCS from UMass Boston in 1999.  And until 2011, I never thought I'd run for office.

I am a second generation American.  My grandparents came to Lynn just in time to see the Red Sox win their first world series in 1912.  They came here because America was the land of opportunity, with a government of, by and for the people.  Americans loved their government.  And now?

We have all lost faith in government.  As a country we are more divided than we have been at any time since 1860.  And this divide is not accidental -- it's based on where the parties want us to be.  Republicans and Democrats are no longer interested in compromising with each other, and instead are trying to make sure that we are so angry with each other, that we will never vote for anyone in "the other" party.

It didn't used to be like that.  Ronald Reagan was the Republican President and Tip O'Neal was the Democratic speaker of the house.  And they differed greatly on political philosophy.  Still their love of country was more, and when there was a need for compromise they found a way.  When there was a chance to work together towards a share purpose, they leapt at the chance.

Could a Republican and a Democrat have a relationship like that now?  Certainly not in Washington, and probably not on Beacon Hill 

When you select an auditor you need someone who can be impartial.  When you select an auditor you want someone who will actively search for malfeasance.  When you select an auditor you can want to make sure the auditor has no previous relationship with the subject of the audit.

Why would we elect a Democrat to audit government spending that is controlled by Democrats in Massachusetts?  Why would we elect a Republican to audit a Republican governor's office?

I am neither Republican or Democrat.  I am Libertarian. We have a well deserved reputation for unwavering political principles and for watching all state spending like a hawk.  Isn't that exactly the sort of person you want to be Auditor?

The office of auditor is too important to allow it to be appointed by a governor or by a legislature.  Instead the duty of selecting a person who will be free from political influence false to the group William Brandeis called "the most important office holders."

We -- the private citizens of the Commonwealth.

We must elect an auditor who comes to office without any debt to a political party or to other politicians.  And that cannot be a Republican or a Democrat.

We can restore common sense to government by electing common people instead of the politically elite.  We can restore trust in government by starting with the simplest of oversights.  All the money the government spends should be reported every day to the people of the Commonwealth.  

If you elect me Auditor, I will make that happen.20140914_135251.jpg

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