My Friends,

Like you, I go to bed tonight to sleep and dream.  And soon to rise and participate in the noblest of all responsibilities: voting.

This election is different. This election we make our stand. This is where we fight. Where we refuse those who tell us to hate our neighbors. Where we refuse to allow ourselves to be divided by fear.

Where we remember that in our country's name we are reminded that we are meant to be States UNITED.

And we are united in this cause: that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. It has not perished yet, but our American experiment is threatened.  A class of professional politicians has become so good at winning elections that we feel we have to band together behind OUR professional politician to stop the other side from winning.

Yet the promise of our country is that all power derives from the people and that the people, united, can never be defeated.  The parties want to pulls us apart because they can defeat us and rule us only when we are fractured and divided.

This election we have refused to be divided by identifying a cause that brings us all together. I am so proud that that cause has been my campaign.  The overwhelming support the campaign has from Republicans and Democrats and Independents was been both broad and deep. We have, with less than a tenth of my opponents funds, become the campaign that is on fire.  Endorsements from the two biggest papers in the state have made it apparent that our message of unity is resonating in every corner of the Commonwealth.

That unifying idea is a simple one:  Government should not waste our money.  And we should not elect a Republican or Democrat to audit Republicans and Democrats.

As auditor I cannot change anyone's tax rate.  I cannot cut or increase spending. I can do very little except require every government agency in the Commonwealth to tell me how money they spent and received each day. And I will do that.  I will restore to the auditor's office the mantle of impartiality and the cloak of integrity. I will end the requirement for the Auditor's employees to campaign for her. I will stop ALL political work for campaigns by people who work for the Auditor in their free time.

And I will do the job you elected me to.  I will audit and expose. I will put all the Commonwealth's financial transactions online for everyone to see. Justice Brandeis famously said "Sunlight is the best disinfectant."  The stench of rot is strong in our states finances, but no Republican nor Democrat will draw back the curtains to let light shine upon their friends who are fleecing the taxpayers.
My opponents brag about how close they are to the Governor or the Speaker. They brag about the endorsements of people they would audit if they were elected! I find that completely inappropriate.  I don't have any friends on Beacon Hill and I'm not going there to make any. I'm going to make enemies and found out where our money is.

I ask for your vote tomorrow.  If we elect one more Republican or one more Democrat -- nothing changes.  If we elect one Libertarian, American Revolution 2.0 starts in Massachusetts.

Your support over this long campaign has sustained me.  Tomorrow at this time it will be over. And we will have shocked the world.

Thank you all for everything,


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