Fishman Demands Bump Come Clean

Commonwealth Auditor Suzanne Bump started a he said/she said furor between the old parties in Massachusetts when she claimed that the RMV had issued drivers licenses for 1900 people who were on the Social Security Master Death list.  The Baker administration (and Dan Fishman, Libertarian candidate for Auditor) claimed that the audit was politically motivated.  The Baker administration went so far as to claim that no erroneous licenses were issued.

"The Baker Administration rightfully claims that there is a privacy issue around drivers licenses, but if there are indeed dead people whose credentials were used to issue licenses or who received licenses, they have no right to privacy.  Rights only belong to the living" said candidate Fishman.  "I call upon the Auditor to release the names of the 1900 dead people she claims were issued licenses.  Is the using shadowy allegations and stirring anti-immigrant furor for political gain?  Such behavior is repugnant from an elected official, and the Massachusetts electorate will not stand for it.

"I call on the Auditor to prove her claims and release the names or to admit that she is in fact playing to the basest nature of our political cycle.  Rather than hide behind an erroneous defense of "privacy" she must either acknowledge that the dead have no right to privacy and release the names or admit that she fabricated the evidence."

Some employees at the RMV were sentenced earlier this year for illegally issuing licenses to undocumented people in Massachusetts.

The Fishman Campaign can be reached at 978.595.1396 or at

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