Fishman Responds to BlueMass Group

In response to an endorsement on BlueMassGroup of Green Party candidate for Auditor Jeb Stamas, the Fishman campaign issued this memo:

The post on Blue Mass Group is filled with deliberate misinformation and misleading characterizations.  The post demonstrates a failure to understand the power and purpose of the Auditor’s office.

The author characterizes Libertarians as “corporate friendly and regulation adverse.”   The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts believe that all power derives from the people and stand counter to the Green Party and its suppression of minority beliefs for the “greater social welfare.”

Libertarian believe in maximum freedom and minimum government.  As such a Libertarian is the perfect watchdog for government spending.  Who will watch spending more closely -- A Libertarian who believes that every penny must be accounted for to the tax payers?  Or a Green who believes that the government should provide free college to everyone, forgive all student debt and force everyone to have single payer healthcare regardless of fiscal realities?

Dan Fishman, as a computer scientist who has specialized in analyzing data in Special Education to make services more effective, can bring that same technological upgrade to the Auditor’s office.  Fishman has pledged to put all the government's financial data online all the time, believing that sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Fishman also will expose all the fees and licenses required in the Commonwealth. Dan Fishman has called for the end of the State's licensing of Fortune Tellers, though the Green Party would call that "regulation adverse."

Most importantly, Dan Fishman has taken the campaign seriously enough to go out and raise money to run an effective race. As of 9/15 the Fishman campaign had out spent every campaign in attempting to unseat the auditor. Fishman has been traversing the state asking the people of the Commonwealth “Why would you elect a Republican or Democrat to audit Republicans or Democrats?”

Dan Fishman has shown himself willing to do the work of campaigning, as opposed to the other “vanity” challengers who’s campaigns don’t blip on the media’s radar.  Stamas and Brady are content to sit on the ballot, see their name in lights on election day, and fade into obscurity. Fishman is running to give the people the independent Auditor they deserve to watch over their tax dollars.

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