Galvin Ruins Election

2018.09.05  For Immediate Release.

“Shameful” was the word Libertarian candidate Daniel Fishman used upon learning that many unenrolled voters across the Commonwealth had been told that there was no Libertarian ballot. Other voters when asking specifically for the Libertarian ballot were told that there was no one on the Libertarian ballot to vote for, even though Daniel Fishman was on every ballot. And some unenrolled voters were told that they had to choose from Republican or Democrat if they were unenrolled, because only Libertarians were allowed to vote in the Libertarian primary.

While a specific instance of impropriety by one poll worker can be written off as a local error, a wider range of incidents taints Secretary Galvin, the official in charge of elections in Massachusetts. Galvin has a long history of contempt towards the sanctity of elections -- something that Democratic Boston City Councillor Josh Zakim brought up during his primary race against Galvin. At the DNC in 2016, Galvin said “a third party vote is a wasted voted” to try to encourage supporters of other candidates to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“It was completely inappropriate for the highest ranking election official in the state to tell voters they should not vote for a third party candidate.” Fishman stated at a party in Boston celebrating his campaign’s unopposed victory in the primary. “In light of the Secretary of State also illegally allowing his employees to do political work for him while they were being paid by the taxpayers, it seems Secretary Galvin is due to be relieved.”

“Which is why I place great hope for Anthony Amore to win the Secretary of State’s race in November. People who are interested in elections that are fair should realize that the current Secretary of State is using the process to keep himself and his political allies in office.

“I am happy to endorse Amore for Secretary of State and will be voting for him in November.  I would encourage all supporters of Liberty and fair elections to do so as well.”

The Fishman Campaign is running for State Auditor looking to unseat 8 year incumbent Suzanne Bump as she tries to extend her tenure to 12 years.  The Democrats have held the Auditor’s office since 1931. Sarbanes-Oxley requires publicly traded companies to change their auditors every 5 years.

The Fishman Campaign can be reached at 978.595.1396 or at


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