Bill Weld Endorses Libertarian Dan Fishman for Auditor

The Fishman Campaign can be contacted at or at (978) 595-1396

Daniel Fishman's campaign for Auditor of Massachusetts started off with a dramatic announcement at the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts convention on Saturday, where at the tail end of a message to the LPMA, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld endorsed Libertarian Dan Fishman's campaign.

"A Libertarian in the Auditor's office will demonstrate to the people that there is a critical role in government for people who can take office without owing any political favors."  Weld said. 

"Dan Fishman in the Auditor's office emphasizes that Libertarians have a critical role in solving the imbalance in government.  And Dan Fishman in the Auditor's office puts a person of character into an office that so desperately needs it. 

"And that's why I am proud to endorse Dan Fishman for Auditor in 2018."

The Fishman Campaign can be contacted at or at (978) 595-1396

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