What oversight? A Culture of Corruption!

"The P-Card system is an example of one of the myriad ways the current Auditor is enabling the bad eggs in government from spending the people's money on luxuries for the employees of the state." Candidate Fishman complained in response to a story in the Boston Herald by Joe Dwinell.   "All the books, online all the time means ALL expenses.  Not just checks, but credit card purchases too!  Anyone who pays bills in Massachusetts knows that.  Just not employees of the state who seek to conceal their actions."

In a story in the Boston Herald, it was revealed that the approximately 300 state worked who had access to the states "P-Card" system had racked up nearly $6,000,000 in expenses, on things like "..JetBlue tickets to expensive hotels, meals from Davio’s, take-out from Spinelli’s Ravioli, Uber rides and even cups of coffee." 

The Comptroller for the Commonwealth, Thomas Shack, who was appointed by Governor Charlie Baker in 2015 implied that it was a priority to get the credit card data into the state's "CTHRU" system as soon as possible.

"The CTHRU system is secrecy through obscurity" Fishman pointed out.  "Try to look up something very simple, like how much money the State Police spent on ammunition.  The system should make such queries easy, but instead the data is nowhere to be found.  The auditor should have been laser focused on bringing the CTHRU system into a usable state instead of asking to see private citizen's personal tax returns."

Daniel Fishman declared his run for Auditor in October of 2017.  He is endorsed by Former Governor William Weld, and was the first candidate to be officially certified by the secretary of state.

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