Who should the Auditor please?

Who is the Auditor supposed to work for?  The Governor runs the state that governs you.  The Secretary of State administers the State.  The Treasurer guards the state's treasure, that they collected from the taxpayers.

But the Auditor works for people.  Or at least that's what the office was intended for.  Which makes the current auditor's posting of this so offensive....

 This is wrong.
Regardless of what you think about teachers (and who doesn't like teachers?) it is inappropriate for an Auditor to have such a cozy relationship with people that she audits. People can endorse who they want, but if elected auditor I'll be looking for endorsements from people like Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, Inc. and Citizens for Limited Taxation.
And from people like you.
The Auditor's close relationship with the State Police has enabled vast fiscal malfeasance. The Auditor has NEVER reviewed the payroll of the Steamship authority. And now boats are breaking down and passengers are having to be rescued.
The Auditor is required by LAW to audit every state agency once every 3 years. Too bad for us the Auditor is apparently good friends with the Massachusetts Environmental Police. The Auditor has served 2 terms and been in office for 8 years, and in all that time the MEP have never been audited!?!? She must really have some good friends there.
The Auditor is not supposed to be a friend to state agencies. She is supposed to AUDIT them. If elected, I promise to be on the side of the taxpayers.
The referee shouldn't be wearing a jersey of one of the two teams.


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